Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events!

Jan. 11-Reception for State Rep. LaToya Greenwood, 5-8 pm, Casino Queen Seven, East St. Louis

Jan. 25-Reception for Rachelle Aud Crowe for State Senate, 5-8 pm, Steamfitters Local 439 Hall, Caseyville


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Our 2018 Endorsed Democratic Candidates

JB Pritzker – Illinois Governor

Brendan Kelly – Congress, 12th District

Christopher Belt – State Senate, 57th District        

Rachelle Aud Crowe, State Senate, 56th District

Jay Hoffmann – State Rep., 113th District

LaToya Greenwood, State Rep., 114th District

Thomas Holbrook – County Clerk

Andrew Lopinot – County Treasurer

Richard Watson – County Sheriff

Jennifer Gomric Minton – County Assessor

Michael Crockett – County Board of Review

Susan Sarfaty – Regional Superintendent of Schools

Kevin Hoerner – 5th Judicial District

Chris Kolker – 20th Judicial District

John O’Gara – 20th Judicial District

Heinz Rudolf – 20th Judicial District

County Board Candidates

Robert Allen Jr. – Dist. 1

Willie “Leavell” Dancy – Dist. 3

Melinda “Mindy” Schneidewind – Dist. 7

Ken Easterley – Dist. 8

Paul Seibert – Dist. 10

Jerry Dinges – Dist. 11

Susan Gruberman – Dist. 12

John McGuire – Dist. 13

Bob Trentman – Dist. 14

Steve Gomric – Dist. 17

Jana Armstrong-Moll – Dist. 19

Richie Meile – Dist. 23

Scott Tieman – Dist. 26

Kenneth Sharkey – Dist. 27

Scott Greenwald – Dist. 28

                    **For information on each candidate, please refer to the column on the right.